Eleven Frugal Tips While Shopping at the Grocery Store

Eleven Frugal Tips While Shopping at the Grocery Store

These are some frugal tips that I do while I am at the grocery store that may be useful to you all. One thing you should know about me is that I AM Kroger Krazy so you may see me refer to Kroger at times.

1. Comparison Shopping:  Basically, you compare one product to another by looking at the ingredients listed on the backside. If the ingredients are the same, I usually buy the one that costs less.

For instance, I typically do this with over-the-counter medicines.

2.  Don’t shop the ends of the aisles. I don’t shop the ends of the aisles where products are stacked with sale signs.  This happens a lot with cereal, toilet paper, and paper towels.

Even if the cereal is at a good price on the end of the aisle, I go to where I can find all of the cereals and scan my favorites to see if I can find a better price.

3. Products that are not in the sale ad. Even if I didn’t see items (that I normally purchase) in the Kroger sale ad, I still go to that item to see if it is on sale.  This happens to me with shampoo.  I like a certain brand and I never can find a coupon for it.

It is never listed in the Kroger sale ad as on sale, and goodness sakes, I have to check on it every time I go to the store to see if it is on sale.

4. Meat markdowns.  Our Kroger has a certain spot for meat markdowns that I will look over just in case.

5. Clearanced items. Some stores will have a shelf or some area in the store where all the clearance items go.  Sometimes its buggies filled with seasonal items that didn’t sale. I look through these just in case.

6. Changing up the menu plan. I may change my menu plan if I find a good buy for meat or produce and I can make a dish cheaper than what I had planned for.

7. Price comparison.  If I know for a fact that I can get the item cheaper somewhere else, then I don’t buy it at Kroger.  My other stores near me are Wal-Mart, Aldis, and Dollar General and they are not out of the way.

8. Check on after holiday sales. I have scored some good deals on candy after the holidays like Christmas and Halloween.

9. Scan for closeout products. Say if I am buying barbecue sauce and I see a closeout item. I may try that barbecue sauce instead if it is at a lower cost.

10. Double check sale item and coupon.  What is so funny about shopping is that you may have a coupon in hand for a sale item thinking that this HAS to be the best price.  Then you scan the other products in the aisle and there just happens to be a product that costs even less than that.

11. Stick with your shopping list.  I say that but switch up if you find that you can make a dinner out of something on sale that will cost less than what you planned for.

I hope this helps!!  Happy shopping!!



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