Praying: The Husband Journal Entry 19

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Praying is talking with God.  It doesn’t matter what time of day or what day it is.  We are not limited on what time we to pray.  And the bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray continually.

Yes, do it many times throughout the day.  I pray before I speak to someone during the day so that Christ will shine through me.

I pray for safety for my husband and the children.  I pray for salvation for the children.  I pray for my husband to make wise decisions throughout the day. I pray verses. I pray that my husband and myself are godly examples for others. There are so many things to pray for.

So many things come up during our day that we need to pray for.  A friend calls crying…….someone on facebook mentions they need prayer………….your husband is having a bad day at work…………the children become sick……….pray continually.

1 Thessaloninans 5:18  give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

In your prayer, thank God for your circumstances.  That is so hard to do……..I had to give thanks to God for seventeen years of being childless………..and now I have a child that is in the process of being adopted.

The child is just amazing…………all the years of waiting are well worth the wait.  Thank you Lord for your gift and thank you Lord for all the years of having to wait for my child.  I am truly blessed.

In Jesus name!! Amen.

Charlotte Whatley

Four Goals for This Week for This Georgia Girl

This is a first for me.  I have never set goals and after participating in MoneySavingMom’s Mornings Makeover……….Here I go!! Woohoo!!

Personal Goals

Consistent bible study time in the morning. I read online Dr. Charles Stanley’s daily devotional and Sharon Jayne’s daily devotional (former writer of Proverb’s 31 ministry.)

I want to read other books. I am starting off with Dave Ramsey’s Money Makeover.  I really love his perspective and analogies.  It just makes sense.  One thing I have liked about what he has said is this……….you can become debt free in seven years!! I CAN’T even imagine what that would feel like.

Marriage Goals

Do one fun thing with my husband that HE wants to do.

Trying to adopt a foster infant in our care.  Just a few more hurdles. Making sure everything on our end is complete–home study etc.


This is really family-related.  Trying to get up to my father’s house and celebrate Father’s Day with him.  Taking a bunch of clothes to my niece and her daughter to see if anything I have fits them.

Continue to help my other niece find work she can do at home.


Start a website-  here it is. This is the second post. Well it’s snail pace, but I am getting there. Hehe!!  Seeing about trying to earn a little money through blogging.  What can it hurt to try??