There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly Activities

<b>There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly</b>

This  is too cute of a story not to pass along some activities for those little preschool hands.

Most teachers like to start off with an activity that engages the reader before the actual reading of the story called hook activities.

Hook Activities

Allow the children to view a Youtube version of the There Was An Old Lady…… where kids are taught to sing along with this book. Click here for that link.

Sequencing Activity

After reading the story, children can cut out and color animals in the story.  Follow the directions for the cereal box activity where the children create an old woman out of a cereal box.  Then the child can retell the story and place the animals in sequence into the old lady’s mouth as she eats them.


There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly ~ fun learning activity. Fine motor, sequencing, early reading and spelling all rolled into one!Photo Credit:housing a

Use an empty Mrs. Butterworth’s bottle, pipe cleaners, and beads with letters and you have a fun spelling game here.

Scissors Cutting Activity


For kindergarten, children need to gain more practice cutting with scissors.  Here is a cutting and coloring activity, your children will love.

Rhyming Word Activity

Rhyming words is also a kindergarten skill.  This rhyming activity will help children rhyme words with fly- dry, sky, spy, my, and cry by moving the strip of words across the woman’s mouth.

Math Activities

Photo credit:

Counting and identifying numbers with this math activity.  You also learn a cute song with rhyming words as you count with your fingers.

Using cut outs or story props, have children place the animals in size order from largest to smallest or from smallest to largest.

Estimate the weight of each animal the old woman ate.

Writing Activities

Write another ending to the book.  Find the writing activity at here.


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