Who can be against us? The Husband Journal Entry 28

blog pictures 012Romans 8:31  What then shall we say to these things?  if God is for us, who can be against us?

About a year after I was saved, I had a huge struggle in my mind.  There didn’t seem like a lot of peace.  I talked with my husband’s grandmother, MawMaw, about it and she related that the same thing happened to her. But MawMaw said that she called on the promises of God and the struggle in her mind left. And she felt immensely relieved.

I can’t describe the struggle I felt.  I do know that it just felt like I didn’t have peace in my mind at all.  I knew I was saved.  I knew Jesus loved me.  So I called on as many verses that I could to get the peace I needed.  And yes, it came.

I haven’t had that particular kind of struggle in my mind.  It seems as if the Lord defeated my flesh in that battle.

The above verse reminds me that God is always for us…………if we are not at peace, he wants to give us that peace because he IS our peace and he IS always for us.

How does this relate to your marriage?  You may be in a spiritual battle in your marriage.  Just know that God is for your marriage and he will never be against it.  He designed marriage itself.  Just know that the battles in your marriage are the Lord’s.  Turn over your cares to Him and stand on the promises of his Word because he is for you.



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