Firefighter Discounts

I will periodically update this page as I find discounts for firemen in the Georgia area.–  You do get a discount on your meal.  You have to show your fire department picture ID.  No, you cannot show up in uniform and expect a discount.  We did that and it did not happen.–  CFA gives discounts to Georgia firemen.  You HAVE to show up in uniform.

Lake Lanier Islands- Firefighters can go on Wednesdays during the month of June, 2015 free.  Must take a friend with you. Don’t forget your ID.

Goodwill-  Firefighters get a store discount.  You must show your ID.  I think every Goodwill store may have a different day, but my store allows firefighters to get their discount on Thursdays.  Again check your local Goodwill store BEFORE you go.



If you know of any discounts for Georgia firemen, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email-


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