Jack O’ Lantern Math Activity: Fall Math Activities

IMG_20151106_143441341_HDRThis is a great activity for children who know their numbers from 1 through 120 and can color fairly well.  I have seen this math coloring sheet in classrooms often for first graders.  They love it and enjoy watching the Jack O’ Lantern form on the page. (A picture of the completed sheet is below.)

This coloring sheet activity helps your little one to learn about………….

  • identifying numbers 1-121
  • following directions
  • coloring in lines
  • identifying colors black, green, and orange.
  • perform carefully or the jack o’ lantern will be off centered.

How to prepare your child before the activity…………….

  • go over the colors needed and see if your little  one gets the right crayons out.
  • have the child color a few numbers correctly before letting them do it on their own.
  • let them know that they can’t rush through this sheet or the picture will not look right.
  • tell them that some numbers will not be colored at all so it’s very important to be careful in matching the right color with the right number.
  • I also like for the child to cross out numbers they have colored so that they can visually see what number they are on.  This helps them to not skip any numbers.

To get this activity, click here and here for a few examples or try creating your own!!

And here is a finished product………………….(there are a few mistakes, but nonetheless cute!!)