How We Avoided Purchasing Dressers for the Bedrooms

When we first decided to foster young children, I wanted to find little cute dressers for the children’s rooms.  I longed to dress up the children’s rooms with a girl dresser and/or a boy dresser. In my own bedroom, I wanted an updated dresser in addition to the old antique one I had.

So when the children did come, I had yet to purchase dressers for their room. But then I discovered something.  The closets already had nice clothing racks put there by the previous owners.  I then placed all of their socks and undergarments and shorts on the top of the rack and the rest of the clothing items were hung on the bottom part of the rack.IMG_20151029_064347229

My second reason for not purchasing the dressers……….

the children have more open space in their rooms to invite a friend to play with them in their room.  Granted each room does have an armchair so that I can sit and read them bible stories at the end of the day. These armchairs were purchased twelve years before considering fostering.

So each bedroom has a bookcase for their books, their bed, and an armchair.  For us, that is all the children really need. More space to play with a friend seemed more ideal than filling it up with more furniture.

My third reason for not purchasing the dressers………..


in my own bedroom, I purged my dresser and found about two sacks of clothing that my husband and I didn’t wear mostly because the items were not visible.  Now I use my old antique only to put shorts and undergarments in it.


Everything else is put up in my clothing racks in my closet so I can “see” every item I own.

So now, we decided to not purchase the dressers because we are pretty much content with the clothing racks and extra floor space for the kids to play.



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