Vera Bradley Purses: Products I am a fan of

vera bradley purseI love Vera Bradley purses for several reasons.  And yes I am a big fan.  I don’t buy any other purse but VB purses.  Yes, they are a bit pricey; however, the quality of the purse is well worth every cent. I can buy a VB purse and expect to keep it for at least two years.

I have bought purses from Wal-Mart and other discount stores for twenty dollars.  With twenty dollars, you end up paying for purses with vinyl straps.  These straps unravel quickly (like within a month or two).  How disappointing is that?

I don’t have to worry about the straps for the Vera Bradley purses.  Besides, VB purses are well constructed.  The patterns are cute and the colors are vibrant.

I love it that my VB purse makes me feel good.

That’s my take on VB purses.  You can find them on sale or also in consignment stores in good shape.  But be quick at the consignment shops because they are snatched up quickly.



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