Books I am Reading the Week of August 11, 2015

I told you that I was reading Crystal Paine’s book, MoneySaving Mom’s Grocery Budget.  Well I couldn’t get to the library in time and it is in transit to another library. Sigh.

But I am starting a bible study on Wednesday night’s at my church and we are reading Keeping It Shut.

Keeping It Shut talks about situations that you may get yourself into trouble by talking way too much or not thinking before you talk or talking when it is time to be quiet.

The problem we discussed at bible study this past Wednesday was not listening while someone else is talking.  That hit home with me.  How many times are we thinking of what we want to say and we didn’t even listen to what the other person is saying???? Guilty as charged.

After the bible study, I will give a review of the book.  So far the discussion in our small group has been good.  I think one of the points we made last night was that we didn’t want to say something to come across as being judgmental.

That is my whole point in going to this study.  I don’t want to come across to others as being judgmental.



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