Five Things That I Splurge On at the Grocery Store

citrus-fruits-collage-100299931My philosophy with frugality is that you can’t penny pinch so much that it makes you have no fun. So in my family, we have wiggle room in our food budget to get these items.  This wasn’t always the case, but now that we are in the position to afford these items, this is what we buy.

1) Shampoo. We love, love Jason’s Green Tea Shampoo. Unfortunately, this is very expensive, but I typically get it on sale (BOGOF) at Kroger.

2) Coffee. We love, love coffee.  So we typically spend about $10 a bag for Newman’s Own Coffee.

3) Sugar.  Once I bought organic, I can’t seem to go back to buying regular ole sugar.  The taste is different and I like the taste of the organic sugar.

4)Creamer.  Again, I buy the higher priced creamer, Simple Truth creamer.

5) Certain Meat. I typically buy the higher priced hamburger meat, Laura’s beef.  I also typically buy the higher priced hot dogs, Simple Truth.

That’s it.  I will use a coupon and shop sales to get these items cheaper, but I have been known to pay full price for them as well. That’s my list for things that we splurge on.



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