Nine Things I Pay Only a Dollar or Less for at the Store

gallery-thumbnailsHere are some items at the grocery store that I refuse to pay more than a dollar for.

1) Toothpaste– I don’t splurge on this one.  I pretty much use coupons and stock up on toothpaste when I can get it on sale.  I am also not brand specific either and occasionally I have purchased it from the Dollar Tree.

2) Tuna–  I buy tuna in cans and can get tuna for either between fifty cents to .89 a can.

3) Hair conditioner– This girl buys only VO5 hair conditioner and most of the time you can find it for $1.00 or less.

4) Birthday and holiday cards– I buy my birthday cards from Dollar General and pay anywhere between fifty cents to a dollar.

5) Deodorant– Amazingly enough Arm and Hammer deodorant will go on sale and you can get it pretty much for less than a dollar at Kroger during their Mega Event Sales.

6)Free items from Kroger- I love Kroger Friday’s free items.  If you are a card member, you can always download a digital coupon to your card for a specific free item from Kroger on Fridays.

7) Tissue paper (to wrap gifts with)- I usually stock up on tissue paper after the holidays and can get it for less than a dollar a pack.

8) Holiday coloring books– Dollar General will sell their holiday coloring books for about fifty cents after the holidays.

9)Canned veggies

That’s pretty much my list of things that I refuse to pay more than a dollar for because I know that if you plan right……you don’t have to pay much for these items.

There are some folks that can get these items for free because they play the drug store game.  I never could wrap my head around it enough to get items for free.



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