Four goals for this Georgia girl this week of July 12, 2015

blog pics 002

Thanks to MSM’s Morning Makeover Course, I am trying to live life with more intention and purpose.

My goals pretty much build upon from the week before.  If you didn’t see last week’s goals, click here.

Marriage Goals/Family Goals

  • Do one fun thing with my husband this week.  We tried a new restaurant in our local area on date night.  We loved going to new eating places.
  • Adopting through DFACS.  Hurdling through another obstacle.  July 30th is a big day for us.  Sending up countless prayers.
  • Trying to find one source of extra income. I applied online to a couple of jobs that are work from home.  Just pressing forward.

Personal Goals

  •  I am reading one book a week.  Last week I read 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget by Wise Bread.  Read the review here.
  • I am reading a devotion daily by She Reads Truth. I am consistently doing about a devotion every morning for five mornings out of seven in a week.

Hospitality/ Giving Goals

  • I went to a wonderful place called the Bloom Closet in Fayetteville, GA this past week.  This closet is specifically to help foster children in Georgia with clothing.  I donated some baby clothes while I was there.  Last week, I posted that I would donate baby items to the church.  Well it didn’t happen.
  • This week’s giving is…….hmmm, I have come to a complete blank.  Well I will let you all know next week.


  • Running a blog is stressful.  I decided to just focus on my groove here and not try to focus on traffic. Still trying to figure out my writing style and what I aim to do on the blog.
  • Write consistently on The Husband Journal series. Please visit the sidebar if you want to read those posts under categories.

I just hope this is an encouragement to you to also dream big and fulfill your goals in life.



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