Books I am reading this week

living large

I really enjoyed reading 10,000 Ways…. from the writers of Wise Bread.  The articles by different authors are grouped by frugal living and personal finance.  There are so many different topics it’s hard just to hit on one.

There are numerous articles on unique tips that I would have never thought of.  For instance, I liked the article on 7 Ways to Save Big Money with Ice Cube Trays and 9 Ways to Save Big on Meat.  The articles are written not only on food and beverage, but also travel, health, beauty, fun and entertainment.

Let’s not forget shopping and bargain hunting either.

On the personal finance side, you can read up on budgeting, getting rid of debt, investing your money, and career and money-making ideas.  Basically, this book has something for everyone.

I think the best part is a list in the back of the book on internet resources that I had no idea existed to stretch your hard earned dollar.

This is really an excellent and engaging read, and hopefully, helps you to be wise with your bread!!

I am also reading Dr. James Dobson’s book on parenting, Dare to Discipline.  I haven’t finished this book yet and will write about it next week.



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