A Sneak Peak at What I Got Garagesaling

Okay.  I haven’t been a true garage saling person in the past, but I can see it becoming  part of my future quick. Getting a good deal on something fuels my soul. LOL!!

Here is how I plan my garage sales.

  • I signed up to get notices on a daily basis of someone posting that they are going to have a yard sale in my area through Yard Sale Search.
  • I also signed up for a facebook group that gets me connected to yard sales in my area.
  • I filtered the notices so that I only get emails for yard sales that have the items I am looking for. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time going to a yard sale and they don’t have what you are looking for.
  • I only go to yard sales that are about ten minutes from my house.  If it is more than ten minutes, then unless I am on my way to that section of town anyway, I just don’t go there.   It’s not worth the time and gas money spent.

Here is yesterday’s finds and since I only went to one yard sale, I was still thrilled at what I got.

Three beautiful gift bags that are a size large for just fifty cents a piece.  You go to Wal-Mart and gift bags can be upward to a whopping four dollars each!! That just makes my purse want to scream!! LOL!!

2015 021


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