23 Ways to Help at Your Child’s Elementary School

I can’t believe school is just around the corner.  Here in Georgia we have about fifteen more days before school starts for most Georgia systems.

Since I have worked in the Georgia schools for years upon years, I wanted to share some ways that parents can get involved in their child’s elementary school.

  1. Any teacher from prekindergarten to fifth grade would gladly love your help in putting up seasonal bulletin boards. 
  2. Ask your child’s teacher, but I am sure that there is a child in the room who could use extra help with reading books. Teachers could assign you a child and a time you can help them read.
  3. Run off copies of worksheets.
  4. Organize holiday parties. Some classrooms have room moms that normally arrange all the food and utensils for a party with other parents.
  5. Help with fall festivals. Normally, you would just man a booth like the jumpy house.  This really doesn’t take a lot of time as you would just take maybe an hour and then leave when the next volunteer comes to take your place.
  6. Help organize teacher appreciation week.  TAW normally falls at the end of the school year and you would just have parents bring in trays of food on a different day of this week.
  7. Assist with PTA fundraisers.  The one that comes in mind is the bake sale that is offered during school lunch.
  8. Mentoring a student.  There are so many students who could use the encouragement of an adult.  Lots of mentors will come to eat with a child during lunch or take them to get a book from the library. (This may require a background check…just call the school for more details).
  9. Assist teachers during school field trips.
  10. Field day is filled with fun activities and you could manage one of those activities.
  11. The media specialist in the library could always use help sorting and placing books back on the shelf.
  12. Send in extra supplies to your child’s teacher.  Crayons, notebook paper, pencils, etc.
  13. Assist in organizing book fairs in the media center.
  14. Help collect can food for holiday drives.
  15. Donate to the teacher’s treasure box which is normally used to reward student’s for good behavior at the end of every week. Send in stickers, tiny books, mechanical pencils, candy, and so on.
  16. Help a new teacher get their room organized for the school year.
  17. Ask the teacher his/her needs in the classroom.  They may have you water plants or take care of the classroom pet like turtle or hamster.
  18. Donate birthday pencils to the teacher’s room.
  19. Get involved in storytelling to the whole class especially on days like Reading Across America.
  20. Assist in organizing fall or spring dances.
  21. Some schools use Schoola to help with fundraising.  See if your child’s school participates in Schoola and donate clothing.
  22. I had to list of course but turn in those box tops.
  23. Pamper the teacher with a thank you gift card or other gift.  You just don’t know how much they feel appreciated by a small gift.
  24. Donate craft supplies to the art teacher.

I have pretty much exhausted everything I could think of.  Schools and teachers do need help in various ways. Some opportunities are less time consuming than others, regardless, there is always something to give or do at the school.



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