Asking for Forgiveness: The Husband Journal Entry 9

Water liliesMy husband and I once came across a gentleman in his seventies at a campground in North Georgia.  He promptly told us that he was celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary in the mountains.  So we had to ask this, what piece of marriage advice did he have for us?  He said something very simple in one sentence.  I say I am sorry often.

My husband has a wonderful christian grandmother who I call “MawMaw”. I have adopted her as my own grandmother.  She once told me this, as soon as there is an argument with my husband, I quickly say I am sorry.

These are the two pieces of advice I have adopted with my own husband and family.  I say I am sorry often.  The second thing is I don’t delay saying I am sorry either.  I don’t wait til the next day. I say it as quickly as possible when I know that it is warranted.



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