Four Goals for this Georgia Girl for This Week

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I hope this continues to be a regular post, mainly for me though so I can journal how things are going. I started MoneySavingMom’s Mornings Makeover course which Crystal Paine, the author helps you with establishing goals.  If you want to know more about this course, click here.

Personal Goals

  • I am reading one book a week.  I rarely read a book other than the bible or bible studies.  So I am making an effort to just plain read. LOL. Last week, I read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.  This week I am reading Dr. James Dobson’s The New Dare To Discipline book.
  • Making sure that I have a bible devotion every morning and not just a ten minute deal. I want to really read and meditate on the Word of God. So far I am doing pretty good.

Marriage/Family Goals

  • Do one fun thing with my husband that he wants to do.  Last week, we went on vacation and my husband wanted to go to an exercise park.  And that goal was met. Woohoo!!
  • Adopting through DFACS.  We are jumping through hurdles and just fiercely praying for this to happen. Trying to tie up any loose ends on our part with paperwork.
  • Trying to find one source of extra income. I have a few ideas popping in my head and filled out a couple of online job applications. Waiting to see what happens from that.

Hospitality/Giving Goals

  • Do something to give or be hospitable.  Last week, I took a number of clothes to my niece and her daughter.  This weeks’s goal………..hmmm, well the only thing I could think of was to donate extra baby items that I have to our church.  I just gotta make sure that I do this on Sunday.


Last week, my goal was to start a website and it is up and running.  This week is just to get the hang of running the website and maintaining two to three posts a day.  I want to fine tune the mission of the website first and find my writing style and niche before trying to put myself out there.

Those are my goals for this week.  I really want to make an effort to live with intention and to have a plan for each day.



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