Do Any of These Apply to You?: You Might Be Frugal When………..

blog pictures 012You might just be frugal when……….yes some of these do apply to me!! LOL!!

1)you move your oldest household appliance (thirty years old) to your new home.

2)you still have a boxy looking T.V.

3) you have a VHS player and you still use it.

4) you shop at Goodwill to get the VHS tapes to play in the VHS player that you still use.

5) your vehicle registers over 170,000 miles and you have no plans of replacing it anytime soon.

6) you get any new books you read from the library.

7) the oldest clothing item you have is twenty years old!!

8) any magazine subscriptions you subscribed to are free.

9) you use vinegar for all of your cleaning needs.

10)you wear some of your husbands gym clothes as your own.

11)your computer and tablets are all refurbished.

12)you don’t have a landline phone.

13) any new furniture you get comes from the thrift shop or passed down from relatives.

14)you are a clearance rack shopper!!

15) you know that the best sale is at the end of the season sale!!

I was just thinking out loud of all the funny things I do or I have seen others do to be frugal.  Love it!!


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