Simple Ways to Give: Donate Your Kroger Rewards

Are you looking for simple ways to give back to your community that doesn’t cost a lot of effort and time?  I will share with you some ideas maybe every one or two weeks.

Here goes my first simple way to give.

Are you a Kroger plus member? If not, create an account here under the savings section for Kroger and if you have further questions don’t hesitate to ask customer service in the store how to get a Kroger Plus Card.

If you are member, you can donate the monthly rewards that you accumulate on your store discount card.  If you are unsure how this works, go here.  Basically, you would donate Kroger Rewards to an organization of your choice.  There are many non-for profits to choose from listed by Kroger.  Each time you make a purchase on your Kroger card and accumulate rewards, these rewards are donated to the organization of your choice.  For instance, if your local library is on the list, they will receive rewards to purchase new books for the library.  How convenient is that?  If you have more questions, contact customer service either through Kroger’s website or the nearest Kroger location.


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