The Husband Journal: Just My Online Diary entry 2

Hebrews 6:10 For God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love which you have shown toward His name, in having ministered and in still ministering to the saints.

I believe serving starts first in the home.  If you can’t serve those in your family, then how can you serve others outside of your home? God sees you and your heart when it comes to serving. Serving IS an act of love.  Look to the verse and see.  It says God does not forget your work and love.  That means we serve out of love for one another and especially to the saints. Since I am talking about your home, saints here is your husband first and then children then others in your family.

I have one simple example of serving that we do at my home.  Since my husband works about seventy plus hours a week, I make sure he gets the first servings of any meal I prepare.  Well I am NOT telling you to do that.  I am simply telling you what I do in my home.  Your home and the way you serve will be totally different than mine.  I foster parent so my husband goes through the line first then the children.  I think its just respect.  Again you may have other ideas and that is completely fine.


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