Save Money by Deskunking Your Dog Yourself

Penelope 003I know it is the first instinct to want to take your dog to a groomer for a much needed bath.

However, keep a couple of things in mind.  Bathing can be expensive depending on the groomer and the size of dog.  I was told that my medium -sized dog would cost me about 35 dollars for a bath.  Well then multiply that by three because all three of my adult dogs were sprayed this morning.

Your second instinct is to run to the pet store and buy deskunking solutions for your pet.  Just know that there are possible  home remedies that could save you money before you make a purchase on deskunking solutions.

While we called the vet to help us figure out what to do, this was their recommendation.

Bathe the dog in tomato juice. This was NOT the recommendation of the Humane Society so we skipped this one. Or….

Bathe the dog in hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and liquid dishwashing soap.  Various websites have the recipe. Here is the link for the proper steps through the Humane Society of United States. You can also google a video if needed.

While you COULD take your dog to the groomer, they will probably advise you that they cannot really guarantee that the smell will be gone.

As for our story, we used vinegar instead of hydrogen peroxide.  Though the stinch has been greatly reduced, the dogs still have a smell.  I really would not have wanted to pay out that kind of money only to find out that they still stink !!


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