Products that I am a Fan of: Weekly Post

I will share with you weekly products that I feel are worth the money to pay out for.

I am about frugality, but that term is subjective and I feel that my frugality may not be what others view it as.

I am going to share with you this week about shoes.  I rarely buy shoes.  I just am not that kind of gal.  I have about ten pairs bought in the course of sixteen years.  Of those, I really just only wear about three pair. Most working days I wear just one.

You can view my pair here. They are GoWalk shoes by Skechers. I choose black because most of my outfits black can go with.  You can say I AM a minimalist when it comes to shoes. I wear these particular ones everywhere- church if I am wearing slacks, work, or out walking the dog.  Just about anywhere.  You can catch me wearing them to interviews as well. Hehe!! I have been known to work out in the yard with them.  If they get dirty, I scrub the dirt off and good as new.

So yes they do cost some money.  But I am all about purchasing quality at a decent price.  Like I said, I do without much of the time when it comes to shoes.  I have worn these shoes for at least a year and a half.  I just recently bought another pair and still have my old shoes though worn, I plan to continue to wear them until the soles wear out.


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