Four Goals for This Week for This Georgia Girl

This is a first for me.  I have never set goals and after participating in MoneySavingMom’s Mornings Makeover……….Here I go!! Woohoo!!

Personal Goals

Consistent bible study time in the morning. I read online Dr. Charles Stanley’s daily devotional and Sharon Jayne’s daily devotional (former writer of Proverb’s 31 ministry.)

I want to read other books. I am starting off with Dave Ramsey’s Money Makeover.  I really love his perspective and analogies.  It just makes sense.  One thing I have liked about what he has said is this……….you can become debt free in seven years!! I CAN’T even imagine what that would feel like.

Marriage Goals

Do one fun thing with my husband that HE wants to do.

Trying to adopt a foster infant in our care.  Just a few more hurdles. Making sure everything on our end is complete–home study etc.


This is really family-related.  Trying to get up to my father’s house and celebrate Father’s Day with him.  Taking a bunch of clothes to my niece and her daughter to see if anything I have fits them.

Continue to help my other niece find work she can do at home.


Start a website-  here it is. This is the second post. Well it’s snail pace, but I am getting there. Hehe!!  Seeing about trying to earn a little money through blogging.  What can it hurt to try??


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